Application.4_PMMA Photolithography

  • AUTHOR: 172NM
  • 2019뀈 11쐢 9씪
Application.4_PMMA Photolithography

PMMA Photolithography

Bulk PMMA (extruded acrylic sheet)
15 second exposure, no development

Shifting The Light Processing Paradigm with VUV Radiation
Cygnus Photonics technology eliminates the need for specific resist chemistries – because of the high-energy of the light (7.2 eV per photon), practically any organic polymer can now be utilized as a photoresist! Our systems allow for higher resolution imaging, the use of simple and inexpensive resists, and the elimination of alkali waste generated by traditional DNQ-based resist systems.

New Resists, New Possibilities
Rethink traditional photoresists. Because of the nature of the exposure mechanism, a photosensitizer is no longer needed. Simply put, 172 nm radiation breaks down organic polymer chains until they become volatile and evaporate – there is mass reduction of the exposed polymer. This process is universal – practically all organic polymers can now be used as a photoresist, even in bulk form.
Optical Micrographs

SEM Micrographs

250횇 PMMA, MWavg=150,000
4x reduction mask (multiply numbers x 4 for feature size in 關m), direct contact with wafer
15 second exposure, dry develop

Gold Electroplating Utilizing Patterned PMMA Mask

Substrate: Si
Exposure time (100 mW/cm2): 15 sec